Sunday, January 27, 2013

Menu Planning... again.

I know that I have written about menu planning in the past.  I looked back and it was just about 1 year ago... More than 300 meals later, I am still struggling with accommodating the various tastes and diet needs of the family living here now... the need for lower calories for the 50-somethings, the need for high-calorie for the over-80, the diverse tastes  of the 20-somethings and the need for gluten-free options.  In just a short time I can add, toddlers and preschoolers to that list too when the Uganda family returns to the US for a time.

So here we are, needing to eat this week, needing to shop efficiently and use my time wisely in preparations.  Menu planning still meets all those needs and I know the week goes much more smoothly when I have a plan!  

Here is this week's plan (main dishes) - If I come across any amazing recipes for the things on the plan I will post them later.

Monday - Chicken-Broccoli Pasta (rice for the gluten free)

Tuesday - Potato soup, wheat bread (or gluten-free biscuits)

Wednesday - Pineapple chicken and rice

Thursday- Roast beef in the crockpot

Friday - Take Out Pizza for everyone who can eat it or who shows up for dinner

Saturday - Options from the freezer

Sunday - Spare ribs/pulled pork, chips and other assorted munchies for the Super Bowl game.

Here's hoping that these ideas spark some creativity for you as you make a plan and work your plan. 

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